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Mehiläinen is a fast growing, international digital healthcare company with origins in Finland dating all the way back to 1909.

Mehiläinen offers a broad range of healthcare and residential care services as well as digital healthcare solutions.

Key figures from 2022

> 33 000
Healthcare professionals
> 150
Digital healthcare R&D resources
1,632.8 million €
Revenue 2022
5 year revenue CAGR (2.2x)

Digital Healthcare Metrics of 2022

1.5 million
Discussions at Digital Clinic
1.8 million
Registered users in OmaMehiläinen

Countries with digital healthcare solutions implemented

  • Expansion into Estonia is a natural next step in Mehiläinen’s internationalisation strategy.
  • Both Qvalitas and Unimed are leaders in their fields in Estonia in terms of revenue, quality and customer satisfaction. In the future, Mehiläinen’s resources and competence will support the continuous development of the companies’ quality and customer service. Read more

More information:

  • The first international customer was acquired in June 2019, when the Hellenic Healthcare Group (HHG), a leading provider of specialized care and hospital services. HHG has started by offering digital clinic for immediate doctor access and online booking support for their patients.
  • HHG and Mehiläinen are collaborating closely to develop and open new digitally supported services.

More information:

  • Italian medical clinic service provider Centro Medico Santagostino will start using the Mehiläinen Digital Clinic online application.
  • The online application to be used by Centro Medico Santagostino includes the Digital Clinic functionalities, symptoms survey and a separate coronavirus channel to be set up separately for Italy.

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  • BeeHealthy is supporting a Jordanian start-up in establishing the country’s first telemedicine service nationally
  • Since 2020, we have completed several acquisitions in Sweden as part of the expansion into our neighbouring countries.
  • Meliva now operates in several cities around Sweden, providing public freedom of choice services and occupational healthcare services. We implemented Mehiläinen’s digital solutions in 2021 and mobile application in 2022.

More information:

  • In 2021, we have successfully piloted with Hirslanden, the leading private healthcare provider in Switzerland, and started a digital collaboration with the wider Mediclinic group.
  • The collaboration provides Mediclinic with access to BeeHealthy’s digital healthcare platform and going forward broadens Mediclinic’s capacity to build innovative digital healthcare services for the Group’s patients and healthcare professionals.

More information:
Press release about Mediclinic collaboration

  • Mehiläinen has long been the forerunner of digital healthcare. Many of the functions that are currently needed in other markets, we’ve already had in place for years.
  • Mehiläinen started up BeeHealthy in 2020, to respond to the rising demand for digital health solutions. BeeHealthy offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) that has been developed and fine-tuned in Mehiläinen over the years.
  • The over 112 experience that Mehiläinen has in health care, combined with over 20 years’ experience in digital solutions development gives BeeHealthy a unique advantage.
  • In Finland we are currently focusing on providing digital care paths for chronic care patients. In 2021, we started up a pilot for treating diabetes that will expand in 2022 and a scientific study is about to start. We also provide the BeeHealthy platform for the Finnish public healthcare regions (e.g. LUSOTE).

Read more:
Press release: Mehiläinen in 2021: international expansion started successfully 

United Arab Emirates
  • Mediclinic International, the diversified international private healthcare services group, and BeeHealthy have announced a group-wide digital collaboration in 2021.
  • All three of Mediclinic’s divisions will utilise the BeeHealthy platform to support the Group’s strategy of becoming an integrated healthcare provider across the continuum of care, while transforming its services and client engagement through innovation and digitalisation.

Read more: 

Press release about Mediclinic collaboration

South Africa
  • Mediclinic International, the diversified international private healthcare services group, and BeeHealthy have announced a group-wide digital collaboration in 2021.
  • Mediclinic was established in South Africa in 1983, with divisions in Switzerland, Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia) and the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”).
  • All three of Mediclinic’s divisions will utilise the BeeHealthy platform to support the Group’s strategy of becoming an integrated healthcare provider across the continuum of care, while transforming its services and client engagement through innovation and digitalisation.

Read more: 

Press release about Mediclinic collaboration

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Countries with healthcare services produced

Private healthcare
Medical clinics
Occupational healthcare clinics
Dental clinics
Digital clinic, customer service and telehealth offering
Occupational healthcare membership base
Customer organisations
Public healthcare
Health centers & dental clinics
Digital services
Listed customers
Outsourced public central hospital
Emergency care services and healthcare professional staffing services
Home care customers
Rehabilitation outpatient units
All regions as customers
Social care services
Residential care homes for the elderly
Mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation homes
Residential care homes for the disabled
Child welfare homes
Beds in total
Digitally enabled private outpatient services in Finland
  • Digital-first, multi-channel primary healthcare
    and occupational healthcare
  • Multi-specialty outpatient care, including dental care
    and surgical operations
  • In-house diagnostics (MRI, radiology) and central
    laboratory services
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation and therapy services
    (psycho, fysio, speech, functional)
  • Customers: Private individuals, insurance partners and corporate customers

Contact: Anssi Hartiala,

More information:

Public healthcare in Finland
  • Broad range of digital-first, multi-channel primary and secondary healthcare services offered to public payers
  • Broad range of home care services offered to Finnish municipal payers and private individuals using service vouchers
  • Market leader in value based healthcare care and use of digital channels in public healthcare delivery in Finland
  • Extensive doctor, dentist, nurse and psychologist staffing for municipalities and hospital districts

Contact: Markku Näreneva,

More information:

Social care services in Finland
  • Broad range of residential care services offered to Finnish municipal payers and private individuals using service vouchers
  • Customers include disabled, elderly, individuals needing psychiatric rehabilitation, foster care and other childwelfare services

Contact: Harri Pomell,

  • Mehiläinen wholly owned subsidiary BeeHealthy Oy offers digital healthcare software, solutions and services to healthcare providers and payers in Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) region.
  • BeeHealthy leverages tested and proven solutions developed for the highly advanced and competitive Finnish digital healthcare markets in partnership with Mehiläinen Group.

With over 1 million platform users, over 50 technology experts and global deployments expected to take place in 10 different countries, BeeHealthy is rapidly becoming a leading digital healthcare solutions provider in the EMEA region.

Contact: Oskari Eskola,

More information:

About Mehiläinen

On a Lifelong Mission

The story of Mehiläinen is not about a company but rather about people and attitude.

When a group of physicians founded Mehiläinen in 1909, their goal was to create better health and well-being.

Along the way, we have treated soldiers, been involved in building the occupational healthcare system, brought fathers inside the delivery room, exported digital healthcare services, experienced three pandemics and established Mehiläinen throughout Finland.

Over the years we have been guided by one simple thing – life. Fragile, strong, erratic. Unfair and fortunate. Beginning or coming to an end. Always valuable and unique.

Over the past one hundred years, the world has changed, but our attitude remains the same. The best treatment is still provided by people who are on a lifelong mission.

All our activities are guided by strong values and a customer-oriented corporate culture

Core values
Skills & Knowledge
Caring & Responsibility
Partnership & Entrepreneurship
Growth & Development
Culture of

News from

March 13th, 2023
Organisational psychologist: Employees’ poor well-being and employee turnover may be due to a lack of appreciation in the workplace

Our mission is to create better health and well-being together with our customers

For you and your family
we offer quick and easy access to individualized services.
Public sector decision-makers
can arrange high quality, cost-effective public services with us.
can maintain their employees’ health, work ability and well-being.
For social welfare and healthcare professionals
significant work in an aspiring atmosphere while developing personal skills.
For society
better health and well-being.

Customer satisfaction is a priority

We are a data-driven company and customer satisfaction and -experience is at the core of our business. Therefore one of our most important data points is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is measured on a range from -100 to 100. In short, the higher the NPS index is, the more customers say that they are willing to recommend Mehiläinen.

Automatically updating overall NPS score for Mehiläinen

Standard of care

Management with medical knowledge
This cultural combination results in Mehiläinen's own international health coaching and chronic care pathways, quality metrics and continuous improvement and platform for education and research: 1. Culture of self-monitoring of patient safety 2. Culture of monitoring effectiveness 3. Culture of public health support 4. Culture of education and research.

Mehiläinen’s sustainability

Based on responsibility and caring for people and society

For 113 years, Mehiläinen has had a clear mission: to create better health and well-being as part of the surrounding society. Mehiläinen’s sustainability, which is based on responsibility and caring for people and society, is also based on this basic task and Mehiläinen’s values.

The 2022 Sustainability Report is Mehiläinen’s third separate annual review on sustainability issues. It is in accordance with GRI (Global reporting Initiative) Universal standard requirements and has also been verified externally for the first time.

Read more about our sustainability activities from the report.

Read the report


Group Key Figures


EUR million
Mehiläinen's revenue between 2019-2021. Revenue in 2019: 1,064.1 EUR million, 2020: 1,162.5 EUR million, 2021: 1,398.5 EUR million and 2022: 1,623.8 million.

Key figures

2019 2020 2021 2022
Revenue 1,064.5 1,162.5 1,398.9 1,632.8
Underlying EBITA** 118.8 134.1 163.6 137.6
Result of the year 0.6 0.2 24.9 -9.4
Revenue growth, % 11.5 9.2 20.3 16.7
Underlying EBITA, % 11.2 11.5 11.7 8.4

* Underlying operating profit before deprecation and amortisation of intangible assets arising from business combinations, impairments and items affecting comparability.

Revenue by businesses

EUR million
Mehiläinen's revenue by businesses in 2022. 28.4% (29.9%) social care services, 6.1% (2.7%) healthcare international and 65.4 (67.4%) healthcare services (Finland).

Revenue by customers

EUR million
Mehiläinen's revenue by customers in 2022. 53,5% (51.5%) public customers, 24,4% (25.6%) corporate customers and 22,1% (22.9%) private customers.

Annual Reports

Financial Statements

Older statements:
Financial Statement 2021 starting on page 19 (pdf)
Financial Statement 2020 starting on page 21 (pdf)
Financial Statement 2019 starting on page 34 (pdf)
Financial Statement 2018 starting on page 36 (pdf)
Financial Statement 2017 starting on page 30 (pdf)

Mehiläinen Shareholders

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Janne-Olli Järvenpää
CEO, Mehiläinen Group
Kaisla Lahdensuo
Chief Medical Officer
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Laura Martinsuo
Communications Director